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zara orange trousers
zara orange trousers

Hi, and welcome to The FashionCloud,

If you have no interest in clothes or fashion - and you are not my dad - then you will probably not find this blog of any interest. Then again you just never know, so why not stick around.  As you might have noticed by now, FashionCloud is a fashion related blog which I do my best to update on a daily basis, that is when I am not running around London on the job.

I do not claim to understand the crazy fashion business, let alone be an expert in fashion. This being said, I am truly fascinated about this peculiar digital world where young women such as myself (whom are neither professional stylist, designers or even associated to any of the big fashion magazines) have decided to share a small portion of themselves - their clothes/style. The fact that we are free to write and post what ever we feel like is what makes blogs so fascinating and different.

My primary aim is to share with you these amazing young fashion forward bloggers and the trends their follow or put forward themselves in the hopes that you will in turn discover their blogs and their unique styles. I also share the e-shops I come across and any articles I might find interesting.

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy writing and creating each and every blogpost.

Please feel free to send me an e-mail, talk to me on Twitter or Google+ or post a comment if you have something you want to share or discuss. Your opinion is important and is what makes this an interactive and unique experience for everyone involved. You can also follow me on Instagram, Lookbook and Fashiolista.

Disclosure: If I talk about a client on the blog, I will identify them as such. If I am reviewing a product that was given to me for free, you will be sure to know about it but you will also get my honest opinion. The same goes for gifts I am given and parties I am invited to. 

For any collaborations, product placement or any other commercial propositions, please contact me at: toni@talentagency.fr

Please do not take or use my pictures without asking my permission beforehand, the same goes for my content. None of the content on this blog is to be used for commercial purposes without my prior consent.

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