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Why do a new section on the blog dedicated to new - and old - technologies and innovation? simply because my real passion lies in this area, rather than in Fashion. Not that I find the fashion industry fascinating but it won't really get me out of bed at 5am to write some thought pieces. This being said, the way the fashion industry is making the most of the changing media landscape and new innovative technologies is fascinating, to say the least.  

I did think it was time that I dedicate a space on my blog for women - and men - who share the same passion as me in all things digital and innovative tech. I guess this is the first step towards creating a second blog, if I ever find the time.

I won't be creating a separate Twitter account or new online profile for this blog, simply because I believe we should follow humans and not blogs, website or companies. And as a human I am interested in a multitude of things, including fashion - to a certain extent - as well as innovation, new technologies and our ever-changing digital era. So if you follow me you will get some EU politics, some fashion and some tech.

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