This works perfect legs

ThisWorks is a relatively new British beauty and skin care brand which was founded and launched in 2003 by International Journalist and Beauty Expert Kathy Phillips. Needles to say she is someone with a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to health, beauty and skincare products.  

This product is from the Perfect bodycare range which they promise will add the "perfect" finishing touches. This product in particular - Perfect legs skin miracle - is one of their bestsellers. It is a very powerful serum with Vitamin C and E which enhances legs and helps combat skin imperfections. It has no synthetic colours of smells - finally a product that doesnt make you smell of look strange and fake. 

It looks very shiny - and even a little 'glittery' when first applied but that quickly disappears and gives way to a perfect sun-kissed glow that will last an evening; the perfect quick fix. If you are fair skinned like myself, then this is the product for you. Also, it will wash off as soon as you shower.

The other two ranges that I am discovering as we speak are the In Transit range and the Sleep range. I will talk more about the other ranges in a bit - stay tuned more to come.

I find all they products fairly pricey but I do find that they do indeed do what the 'bottle' say they will do. So far all the products I have tested I have been pretty pleased with. If I had the money, I would be curious to try out every product they have but in the meantime I will have make due with the ones I have. They are sold online on their e-shop, as well as on NAP and Asos.

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