whistle activity monitor
whistle activity monitor
whistle activity monitor

It is product review time and this week week we are reviewing a tech devise for your four legged friends - the Whistle activity monitor. It is basically a Nike+ FuelBand or a Fitbit for your dog (yes I know but bare with me). It is both an activity monitor and a health tracker, although it only measures activity not distance unlike the devices we are used to.

Admit it, you have all at least once wondered what your dog gets up to when you are not home. I know I have, especially when I come home to a guilty looking dog and an apartment that wasn't really in the same state as when I left. 

Whistle clips onto any regular dog collar and measures your dog’s activity giving you a glimpse on the day-to-day behaviour of your companion. And of course it comes with a fun app where you can enter activities, memories, pictures and share the updates with family members.

I actually like the idea of being able to track Lemon's activity throughout the day when I am at work. I like to know that when she is out and about with our dog walker that she really is getting the exercise needed and promised. With the app you get automatic updates - walks, playtime, periods of rest, pictures - straight into the palm of your hand. 

How it works
Whistle is a small device that clips onto your dog's collar - so far it seems like the locking mechanism is quite secure. The set-up is done through the app which is available for both iPhone and android phones. Once the set-up is completed, the pairing between the Whistle device now clipped onto your dog and your app and Wi-Fi network can happen. It is both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and updates (if there are any) will be sent to your phone every hour.

Our dog gets up to all kinds of trouble when she is out walking with us and the dog walker so I am hoping the Whistle device won't drop of or die when drenched in water. They do say it is waterproof and so far it has held up. Time will tell.

whistle activity monitor
whistle activity monitor

Why bother at all
I see two immediate benefits to the device. Firstly, I like to know that my dog is indeed being taken on hour-long walks and she is indeed getting the exercise needed. I don't really doubt this as I can generally see form the state of my dog when I get home that she has had an amazing time out and about. However, when trying out new care takers and dog walkers I see this as a huge benefit. 

Secondly, it is a great way to keep track of when the dog was last walked and who took care of her last. Whistle also gives you an estimate of how much exercise and activity your dog needs and it will remind you on a daily basis if your dog has reached his or her target.

Finally, the devise doesn't seem to be distracting or annoying to Lemon. Bring on the data.

whistle activity monitor

Where to purchase it
Whistle activity monitor