the perfect cookies
the perfect cookies

Paris is well know for its delicious desserts, cakes, cookies, macarons and any other delicious patisseries they come up with. However, it is very hard to find the perfect cookies, you know the ones I am talking about - crispy on the outside, but very soft on the inside with some delicious yet original toppings. One day I came across a recipe in the latest issue of the french Be and thought I would give it a try, and boy were they exactly what I had in mind, and the best thing is that they didn't cost me €2.50/a cookie.

So I thought I would be a wonderful blogger and share this delightful and very easy recipe with you guys.

//Ingredients// 350g of Cannes sugar preferably brown (but white will do too) 250g of butter 1 egg 375g of flour 1 pinch of salt I coffee spoon of vanilla powder 1/2 packet of yeast Add what you want for the toppings - chocolate (white or milk), M&M, carambar I went for milk chocolate and caramel carambar.

1/ First pre-heat the oven to 140° 2/ Mix together the sugar and the butter, then add the egg. 3/ Do another preparation adding the flour, the vanilla powder, the salt and the yeast. Then slowly add the flower mix into the butter and sugar mix. Make sure it is all nicely mixed together. 4/ Then incorporate the 'toppings' of your choice. I decided to do both chocolate and Carambar (which is caramel sweets). I would met the Carambar first in the oven for 2min by unwrapping them and putting them on baking paper. In the meantime break up the chocolate into small pieces and incorporate the lot in the mix. 5/ start forming small balls of cookie doug with your hands, making sure that your topping are nicely covered up by dough. Display them evenly on the baking paper and press down slowly. 6/ Then pop the lot in the oven for exactly 16 minutes so that they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Enjoy! and happy sunday.

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