Leftover turkey banh mi
Leftover turkey banh mi
Leftover turkey banh mi


- Leftover turkey (breast and skin)
- Sweet chilli sauce
- Olive oil
- Mayonnaise
- Lime
- Parsley
- Garlic
- One carrot
- 1/3 cucumber
- White cabbage
- Red chilli
- Fresh coriander
- 2 medium baguettes

Leftover turkey banh mi
Leftover turkey banh mi
Leftover turkey banh mi

Christmas has come and gone and you now have enough leftovers to feed a mini army. Please don't through it away - there is so many great things you can do with them.

I wanted to make a 'light' and fresh sandwich for boxing day - and so I opted for the Turkey banh mi. Jamie Oliver has a great recipe for a leftover turkey sandwich with coleslaw, sweet chilli sauce and spicy mayo. There is a good little step-by-step video too that is very useful when you are cooking a new recipe the day after Christmas day. I changed the recipe a little and maybe a bit simpler by ignoring some of the ingredients that I didn't have in my kitchen. 

1. Heat the oven at needed temperature to cook the baguettes
2. Heat the pan with some olive oil and heat up the leftover turkey
3. Add the chilli sauce and cook for an additional minute
4. To make the spicy mayo - I simply add one clove of garlic, parsley, coriander and lime.
5. For the coleslaw - I simply grated some cabbage, carrots and cucumber
6. Once the baguettes are done cut them open and let to cool for a couple of minutes, spread a bit of mayo, add the turkey, then the coleslaw, some more spicy mayo and then add some coriander and red chilli.

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