Social Media - blurring the lines between our professional and our private life

Have you ever wondered where your private life ends and your professional life starts? Well ten years ago this might have bee a easy question to answer. Today however, the answer is somewhat more complicated. 

Social Media and new technologies have rendered the separation of our private and our public life somewhat obsolete. Our two worlds are clearly colliding, and a clear separation is going to be increasingly hard to maintain. I would even argue that you might not want to keep such a distant separation between the two; as your 'private life' might just help, and even advance, your carrier, even more so if you share it online and step out of your comfort zone.

I am a strong believe that lessons and skills learnt in 'one world' - be it your private or professional life - can be useful and definitely valid in another. You will be surprised to find out the extent to which some of your skills are goldmines for your future employer. These same skills will also allow you stand out as a potential candidate and employee.


Take me for example, the skills I taught myself and openly shared on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Hangout, Facebook and here on the blog, allowed me to stand out both for employers and as a speaker for various conferences - such as the State of the European Union and Google @6. But more importantly, they allowed me to have some of the most memorable experience, whilst making my CV that much more interested. Most of the opportunities I have had where in oen way or another linked to my online presence and social media/digital skills.  

Find bellow the presentation I gave in 2012 to the Blue Book stagiaires of the European Commission at the 'Ideas that Matter' event.

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