Good morning! So I had received my invitation last week to say that I had been selected to walk in the world's biggest fashion show, that is taking place tonight in paris,and organised by the famous Galleries Lafayette. Last night, I started thinking about different outfits I could wear, and this morning I woke up at the crack of dawn, as we had to be at the Palais by 9 am. So, me and my maxi leo dress hoped on the metro direction La Bourse. However once I arrived there, it all started to dawn on me - this is just not my kind of thing, but I would give it a shoot anyway. I am more of a behind the scenes kind of girl, which for a blogger might sound weird. So I stood around for about na hour and a half and started reading my emails. Then I received an email from a Politics and International relations student asking me question about "the European dream" as he was writing his Bachelor thesis on this subject, a subject that I know a bit about, but more importantly one that I am fascinated with. Then all of a sudden, it hit me; even thought I like fashion, and find it a complex and amazing part of our lives, I would rather be at home writing to this student and sharing my thoughts and views on the future of the European Union, and our so called "European Dream". So, I snapped a few pictures and headed on home.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love this blog and all the events I go too and all my readers and fellow bloggers I have meet and gotten to know along the years. And, I am definitely not going anywhere, I just realised that some things are just not for me, and as much as I enjoying blogging about fashion and the crazy trends the fashionable people come up with, I do also enjoying doing other stuff more. I wish all the participants of the world's bigest fashion show all the best, and hope they have the most amazing time. I, on the other hand, will be cheering from the crowd tonight with fellow bloggers and friends Sophie and Mireille.

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