So we waited to see what the fashionistas of the web would come up with… and this is what I have found so far. This Belgium girl did what most of us would have done; slap on the bracelet and the belt and call it a day. She does however make, what could be a very matronly dress, look youthful and fun.

So I am not a huge fan of socks, and even less about socks with tights but somehow this fashionista from Hong Kong makes them look quirky yet cute pairing them with her new JC heels. Here is, probably, the most sober piece of the entire JC for H&M collection. This being said, the hole outfit screams youthful Parisian with a twist. Quite refreshing so see something else than the belt and the heels.

Kling grabbed herself a pair of the gladiator like hells, you can’t go wrong there. But I am loving the see through crochet cream top over the leather skirt, a lot. Caroline, is one or those girls that can pull off any boyish look, not sure many girls out there could make these Jimmy Choo shoes look so feminine.

Fashionistas, seem to have put their JC dresses and hells straight into the closet and i have a feeling we will be seeing them around Christmas again. To be honest, i think new year’s eve is going to end up looking a bit like this:

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