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The Levi’s 603 Superskinny fit (“Let Rip”), seen here on Erin Kling. She and she alone, has brought these perfect superskinny Levi’s to the top of my “buy me” list. They just look perfect with a pair of black heels, dressed up or dressed down.

Vintage Levi’s.

The original 501 Levi’s with a modern twist. A limited edition designed over the summer by Elin Kling. When it comes to style, Elin sure knows a thing or two (or three). I looked desperately on ebay to see if anyone was selling them but NO luck there :( Is there really a limit on how many pairs of jeans a girl can own, because i easily see myself in these too.

Did any of you get their hands on these beauties?

DIY ripped shorts. Levi’s has more often than not been used to create the perfect ripped denim shorts. I like if when this raw fabric is paired with soft cotton T’s and black lace.

Sources: Style4style (at Chictopia) , Hanneli, and Ifyouseekstyle

Have any of you done something different with your Levi’s?

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