Snake rings by no other than...

The superstar powerhouse known as Brangelina are the latest to jump on the celebrity designer bandwagon.  But before you start shaking your head and sighing (à la when Lindsey Lohan came out with her line of leggings), Brad and Angy may actually be onto something.  The extremely attractive duo have teamed up with British luxury goods co., Asprey, to create a line of serpent-inspired jewelry and accessories.  The line, which is titled The Protector, has been in the works for over a year, and the proceeds from all sales will go to charity.  We are very much feeling the thin, dainty serpent rings.  The all gold band with the tiny emreld eyes is sexy, yet subtle; it would make a great pointer finger ring or would work well stacked above a thin gold band.  We are also loving the all black diamond cuff (or ring? it’s kind of unclear from the photo, but we’re hoping cuff) with the piercing green eyes.  This piece would take any outfit to the next level

Source: Article and pictures from itsnotjustfashion