Summer has arrived, and diet Coke has taken yet another stylish step into fashion this Spring "by announcing its second fashion collaboration with international creative genius, Karl Lagerfeld. The world-renowned designer will create not one but three new and exclusive designs for the iconic Diet Coke aluminium bottle." The lovely people at Coca Cola were nice enough to send little old me the limited edition box set of the three bottles of Coca Cola Light designed by Karl Lagerfeld. Otherwise know as the 'Diet Coke Limited Edition Collection by Karl Lagerfeld'.

"Using the light and playful elements of his identifiable trademark style, such as graphic cuts, a contrasting black and white palette and clean lines broken with colour or detailing -- Karl Lagerfeld has created a bold, contemporary yet instantly recognisable collection." There is very little diet, that with this collaboration, Coca Cola has yet again proved to the world that it is the master of branding (and even re-branding something that is already as recognisable as Coca Cola).

I thought this gift was very fitting for me, especially in this period of Thesis writing and exams. And as I don't drink coffe, Diet Coka has been my go-to drink for the last seven years.What are your thoughts on the bottles? and even the project itself?

For those of you living in Belgium, this bottles will be available individually of in the box set, the 28 Mai at l'Inno and in June at Kinepolis during the Ladies@The Movies nights.


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