After attending the preview of the Lanvin x H&M collaboration I am not so sure I would rather have "Lanvin not flowers" . The dresses are way over the top but I guess there are a few great New Year eve's dresses in the collection. Even if this collection will get some of us excited and others not so much, that is great as that is what fashion and clothes are all about; choices. However,  there is one big problem and that is their choice of materials and finishing. Never mind the quality, but the fabrics are just all odd choices. Most of the dresses are made out of unflattering fabrics that do nothing for a women's body. And what is up will all the skin colour mesh on almost every dress? I am not sure who I feel about it but I sure know that it wil not suit my skin tone. This being said a couple od the heels are rather cute, the same goes for the necklaces (some great statement pieces to be grabbed), in my view the big (and cheap) winner of this collection are the sunglasses. Now those are amazing pieces, and I wouldn't mind getting my hand on a pair. Do you have your eye on any item in particular?

Thanks again to the H&M for what was a fun evening out.

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tulle dress: 199€ (fun and adorable and love the colours dress but god knows who can pull it off)

floral dress and pink dress: 149€ each

Printed heel: 99€ (I actually quite like these)

vest: 99€ (quite like the ribbon detail on this vest)

necklace (also exists in pink): 39,95€ (the perfect statement necklace in my view)

Cyrielle and Sophie

Watch the full Lanvin x H&M collection