marni for h&m

Sources: Elin Kling, Sofie and Sandra

Just like the previous years, I managed to be out of town when the Marni (for H&M) mania hit the streets. As I knew I wouldn't be in town, and I did not have the heart to ask one of my friends to stand in line in the cold streets of Brussels as of 5am, I sort of clocked out on the thought of getting any of the key pieces. This being said, I did - as a hopeful child would - on my return to Brussels check out the H&M store in Brussels. To my surprise (but not really) some of the - most expensive - pieces were still there and in quantities. One of which was the gorgeous leather/cotton bomber jacket. The one thing I had really nit counted on, is it being prices at a whooping 199€. Price tag aside, I still find this jacket amazing, just not sure how much use I will get out of it. Yes, I know I sound like a dinosaur talking about practicality in the world of fashion, what can I say. So I went home empty handed and waiting for the regret to settle in.

Did you score anything, your favourite items? Did you patiently wait in line? Bid furiously on eBay? or simply was not impressed?

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