It is that time of the year where we are looking for comfortable, yet playful shoes to wear during summer that work well with anything and at any-time. So let me introduce the Jojo project. A couple of friends started this project in the summer of 2008 and it has grown into a true success story and one with a goal that goes beyond selling shoes (produced in conditions that respect both the workers and the environment.) In their own words, part shoe, part bandage, Jojo tries to "take care off" certain fractures in our world. When you purchase a pair you can chose which one of the two projects you want to support. Thus, one pair of shoe brought is either a tree planted in Africa or you have just guaranteed one year of clean and drinkable water for one person in Africa. If it took some time to get use to the bandage style of the shoe, I can truly say it has grown on me. More so, I like the idea of viewing the laces of the shoes as both a 'bandage' (a small gesture towards healing some of the problems in our world) and a 'bow' (representing a present to someone somewhere in the world that could really use it).



Jojo Project New Collection 2011 from Jojo Project on Vimeo.

They are available in various shops around Brussels, including some of my favourites; Prive Joke and Reservoir Shop