So I was lucky enough to get invited to the Petit riens défilé; 'Second hand, second life'. Every year this show is sold out right from the start and I have to say I was curious to discover what all the fuss was about. I was nicely surprised, the creations varied from very wearable and nicely constructed, to the completely eccentric yet very intriguing creations of other designers. These Belgian designers had the fun yet difficult task of turning someone else's trash into their own creations, giving these clothes an unexpected  'second life'. (picture overload)


Here were some of my favourite creations/designers including the very excentrique yet talented Romain Brau who has a way of seeing the world like no one else I know. Delvaux sent out some amazing bags and pieces and Cathy Pill whom I discovered not that long ago but she has a fresh and youthful way of playing with colours, and so many others... But I will let the pictures do the talking and you can judge for yourself if they have done these old second hand clothes justice.


curious about this designer? find out more here



And last but not least, some of the pieces from the other designers that I really liked and especially as these were made from used clothes.

Cathy Pill: I love everything about this outfit, from this season's colour to the sports wear worn dressed up

Kim Stumpf: The woven wrap cardigan is just stunning

Later during the night, these creations were auctioned off in order to collect enough money to open up a café for some of the homeless people, somewhere where they could benefit from actual human interactions and exchanges and have something warm to drink.