If you received my first newsletter (wich as you can see will definitely not be weekly, and for those of you who have asked I am getting my act together so that is comes to you every month packed with great stuff and fashion filled), you will have remembered me talking about the great concept Jewelmint. Well, I am really excited to say that today is the launch of Shoemint - a collaboration between Rachel Bilson, Steve Madden and Nicole Chavez. I find the idea great, unique and innovative, and the shoes full of charm. I like "stealing" styling ideas from real people and other bloggers, and not so much from actresses and other Hollywood stars, as I feel the gap between their world and mine is just too big. But I have to say Rachel Bilson is that one exeption. However, it is a shame that they are only delivering to the US at the moment, hopefully this will change, and soon.

Also, if you are not doing so yet, watch her new TV series, Hart of Dixie!

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