Snapped, stored & shared (#11)

1. One of my favourite outfits from the upcoming River Island Christmas collection, a huge thank you to Oona for the sneak peak 2. My friend's amazing Miu Miu bag 3. Some fun bracelets at the Forever 21 store in Antwerp, or maybe a DIY idea :) 4. The new UGG venice collection is pretty impressive and a far cry from the original boots, Thank you to UPR and Mooi Pr for the wonderful day in Amsterdam 5. Gorgeous Victor Horta house that has recently been re-done (well know Belgian architect) 6. Since moving into my new place I am discovering what my neighborhood as to offer in term of food, Tout Bon is not bad for lunch 7. My River Island bag c/o Oona 8. When I was in ANtwerp, I did a small detour in the huge H&M shop, love the stripped jumper they have at the moment (for only 9.99€) 9. Also came across this cute little orange number 10. Love these black boots, also from H&M 11. ... and speaking of H&M boots, check out these lovely brown one with the perfect heel too 12. A huge thank you to wonderful people at UPR for this really cute (and very fitting if i may say so) JCDC x kipling bag 13. October, is the month of breast cancer awareness. Why not spread the word in a fashionable way, Thanks to UPR for this lovely Swarovski pin

I am currently getting increasingly worried about tomorrow, I was chosen amongst more than 13.000 candidates to participate in the world's biggest fashion show organised by the Galleries Lafayette. Don't ask me what I was thinking when I agreed to this - it sounded like fun at the time - because I am now thinking it was a very bad idea. I am the clumsy girl that will either missed a step and tumbled or walk on somebody else :/ Anyway I am sure it will be great fun and a good experience. So wish me luck and I will keep you updated throughout the day. Also, I have no idea what I am going to wear, as I really don't have that much to wear with me at the moment.

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