1. Beautiful botanique gardens in Antwerp 2. Lovely bag from H&M 3. Night out (from a while back) with Belgian blogger Nadia 4. Party with @CandiceLB in my H&M leo dress 5. New skirt from Forever21 c/o Forever21 & Oona agency 6. Great brogues from Sandro 7. Love this skirt from Les petites ... 8. Street art in Paris 9. Sunday brunch at Rachel's in Brussels 10. The bagels at rachel's 11. Drinking according to the change rates at The Flat in Brussels with @CandiceLB 12. Brainstorming in the sun with the bf at Café Belga 13. Unhealthy/healthy snack; rasberries and meringue 14. Keeping the moral up at work; Post-it war at the European Commission

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