1. Cupcakes galore at the Francis Ferent blogger night 2. My pretty red bag with the goodie bag from the Francis Ferent, Again thank you for a great evening 3. Gorgeous Givenchy bag at Francis Ferent 4. The perfect day boots (suede and wedges) from mango 5. I found this shirt from H&M trend and was hesitant about it until I wore it and was convinced 6. Romain Brau's presentation at the 'customisez moi' party 7. At the Bel Air shop opening in Brussels with the lovely Candice 8. Picture taken during my trip in Antwerp, and more precisely in Urban Outfitters. I took just to make a point, as it drives me crazy that they don't allow people to take pics in shops. So this is my small revenge 9. Last week-end's DIY, more pictures and a complet post come 10. A great burger place in Brussels; Filles du tram 11. Souvenir from the 'customisez moi' party 12. I will eb trying out prints this winter! That's a promise and a big step 13. I just found the perfect cozy jumper (and cudos to me it's not black) at Zara 14. They come in brown and black and are just perfect, with a nice solid heel, again from Zara

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