ph/me 1. An easy outfit for Saturday  2. Lunching with friends in Paris ( Mireille and Sophie) Thanks for the best pic too girls  3. Thank you Coca Cola for the lovely gift  4. The perfect statement necklace from H&M  5. Going down a couple of sizes when it comes to by bags - both from Zara  6. Neon pink from American Apparel  7. Some limited edition chocolate from Galak  8. Vintage washing machine sin Paris and of course they are out of service  9. Gorgeous jacket from Filles à Papa  10. Food delivery from USFoodz  11. The science museum next door to me  12. White on white - jacket from H&M.

//My top three articles of the week//

1. Harsh reality of making a living by Copyblogger

2. Style bloggers and PRs: guidelines for playing together nicely by the blog stylist

3. 19% of bloggers say PRs put them under pressure not to criticise their clients - a survey by the red rocket

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