instagramph/private 1. L'Oreal's sublime mouse not  bad but not as good as St Tropez  2. New Diesel jeans c/o So Jeans  3. Stella McCartney night wear c/o The Editeur  4. My perfect mother's day pressent for my dad  5. The Zara bucket bag  6. My ridiculous guard 'dog'  7. Home made cinnamon buns, recipe from Peony Lim  8. Swiffer playing 'dead' to get some attention  9. Lovely prints from my mum's wardrobe  10.  L'Atelier en ville - the new place in town  11. New slouchy bag  12.  The perfect high table from L'Atelier en Ville

//My top three articles of the week//

1. Indecent disclosure: how much is too much by IFB 2. Why the Internet doesn't make us care more about politics by Tech Crunch 3. Bold platforms for France's new agenda by Vanessa Friedman from the FT

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