1. My ever growing collecting of cool Coca Cola light bottles c/o of Coca Cola  2.  My watch dog on guard  3. I have come to the conclusion that US food is too fat/sweet for me but they have very cool packaging  4. My view from diner last week - La Grand place in Brussels  5. New small purchase from Zara  6. Brought some great stuff from Oil & Vinegar  7. Starring contest with the rabbit  8.  Robot top from Zara  9. Dark cloud over the European Parliament and speck of hope  10. The best snack, childhood memories I don't have

//My top three articles of the week//

1. Is it okay to cry at work? by BuzzFeed 2. To pay or not to pay: A closer look at the business of blogging by WWD 3. An open letter to journalists and brands about blogger compensation by IFB

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