snapped, storred & shared
snapped, storred & shared

ph/me 1. LOVE ring,  2. MEXX delivery,  3. Lemon the Corgi being her usual self,  4. Great knit from h&M,  5. new skirt from Zara,  6. Belgian waffles with candice,  7. the #travelingsweater from Quicksilver,  8. My mum's old blue jacket,  9. Well this doesn't need any explaining,  10. new leo heels,  11. The Best brownies are round,  12. Chunky knit from River Island (old),  13.AfterDRK x Maison Bonneterie bracelet,  14. New hair discovery - Shu Uemura,  15.A successful DIY,  16. New heels from River Island

//My top three blogs of the week//

1. Fashion Industry Confessions (which had me questioning this industry even more) 2. Blogger Bitches (which has been crying out with laughter) 3. Fash gif  (which had me smiling)

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