Delvaux brilliant.jpeg
delvaux madame.png


Delvaux is one of Belgian's iconic brand, as well as the oldest fine leather luxury goods house in the world. Unlike most big names in the leather good industry, each Delvaux bag is handmade in the Delvaux ateliers in Belgian and France. 

The Brilliant MM is probably of the most timeless and sculptural bag Delvaux has to offer, and one that I have had my eye on for a couple of years now. I had envisaged it in a lovely dark navy blue but since seeing this powder pink version that picture perfect idea has changed slightly. I am also imagining it is a 'mousy' light grey. 

A relatively new comer - but just as eye catching - is the more modern and sleek Madame PM. This one can double up as a clutch if you just tuck the strap into the bag. 

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