The Hydra Zen Neurocalm SPF 15 by Lancôme is one of those great products you come across once in a while that makes you question what you were doing before it came along.

Moisturising creams and foundations are the two types of products I have been testing and trying for as long as I can remember. Along the way I found some good products but never anything truly great, that was until I tried Hydra Zen a few weeks ago during the Never Underdressed photo shoot.

The simple fact is that my face and skin had never looked better and my foundation (as well as the rest of the makeup) had never look so good for so long. I went back to Lancôme a few days later to enquire about the products used during the photo shot and was able to try again the Hydra Zen cream - amongst a plethora of other products - and it was clear that we had a winner.

The cream is nearly £40 - neither a bargain or a massive expense in my opinion - but it is worth every penny and has made a huge difference.

hydra zen lancôme

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