The collection is undoubtedly great and was highly anticipated and talked about. However, all the about the collaboration and the upcoming collection made it really unappealing to me and I have to say I wasn't in the slightest excited about it even though most of the pieces from the collaboration - including pieces from the men's and the kids' collections - caught my eye. I guess the hype just wore me out even before the mania had started. 

Bottom line, if I was handed the collection I would probably wear it daily but I was not planning in getting up early to stand outside in cold for hours to then battle it out with some crazy woman. Nor was I prepared to go stir crazy staring at a screen telling me the website had crashed and I was being put in a queue. 

Unfortunately for me - and my bank account - I was home very sick that day. Both my Twitter and Instagram streams and feeds were full of people's #isabelmarantpourhm purchases so I decided to check out the website and well the above happened. It was just too easy. Apparently I was really lucky because I was (1) able to access the website, (2) browse the collection, (3) picked my favourite pieces in my sizes and (4) was able to pay for my virtual basket. I am sorry to hear this was not the case for most people who found the online experience - and the offline experience - a nightmare.

I went for the very classic/neutral pieces, as well as the pieces that could double up as workwear - the four pieces below are now on their way to me as I write to you. The pieces of the collections are incredibly versatile and it is great to see just how everyone is wearing the collection. 

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