London Fashion Week Day 2 outfit

//WEARING// Zara trousers, heels, leather jacket and bag and H&M coat and tee.

//WEARING// Zara trousers, heels, leather jacket and bag and H&M coat and tee.



A bit late, but nevertheless here is the outfit I wore on my first day attending LFW. It was my first time attending any Fashion Week, let alone the London one. The fact that I have never attended any of the Fashion Weeks has nothing to do with interest. Simply, my full time job just doesn't allow me to take the time off to go to these events. This being said, when Fashion Week is taking place at your doorstep, there is really no excuses not to attend, or take a peek which is exactly what I did. 

The "fauna and flora" was absolutely breath-taking. Gorgeous and fascinating people running around - some with no where to go and others clearly on the job. Some amazing clothes, brilliant photographers and a plethora of bloggers. I have to say I was a bit taken aback with the sheer number of bloggers, street style photographers and 'tourists'. There was just an overwhelming number of people just hanging around with absolutely nothing to do, and tehy were clearly not here for the shows. But simply hovering around in the hopes of being photographed. For some it was clearly an ego boost and the validation they so crave from within the 'fashion world' and for others it was pure strategy, get your picture taken enough times and it might just propel you to your 15mins of fame. 

As I was sat behind my computer, desperately finding the words needed for this article, Leandra' blog entry - Blog is a dirty word - was published. The title caught my attention and so I pause my writing to read her thoughts and words. And boy does she take the words out of my mouth. Her article is definitely worth reading, as well as the original article, by Suzy Menkens - the Circus of fashion - she is responding to. 

may not have either Suzy'experience and knowledge nor Leandra's penmanship, and I am clearly a 'virgin' when it comes to Fashion Weeks, but I can't help but remain a little confused and disappointed by what I saw this weekend. Don't get me wrong, the fact that fashion is becoming increasingly democratic is a great thing to happen to the industry, but I couldn't help but feel like I was intruding in someone's work flow and 'work space'.

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