Seven Black T-shirts - The Real Power of Brands

Source: Hitchcock Partners

When all that is left is the quality of cotton (or fabric), the stitching and the design to judge a piece of clothing, it all becomes revelling and the results are fascinating. 

This short video is a nice reminded that more often than not we are guided by ephemeral fashion and fashionable brands rather than quality.  Which is fine really but we shouldn't be too quick to suggest that brands (and high prices) equal good quality. I personally love the video because I have had to listen to the same bullshit some many times about how paying more for a garment really does mean we get more out of it and that we are paying for the best quality in town, honest!

Hitchcock Partners brought together a different mix of people to judge and decide which garments were the best and the worst. The results are surprising and revelling. 

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