River Island  Jumper /  Asos  Jeans /  Zara  Heels

 River Island Jumper / Asos Jeans / Zara Heels


So the weather is doing all kinds of stuff lately and this has been one of my go to outfits lately. No, not for work obviously. This being said the clients would probably welcome the change away from black dresses and grey suits. I am absolutely loving these heels, and yes they are a killer and I can't where any kind of shoes - let alone heels - for days after wearing them, but hey they are pretty. I wish I could say I was joking but this is partly true.

Actually, I often struggle with second degree humour on my blog. As I am mostly serious, I worry that when I change my tone only I would perceive what I write as being second degree. Maybe I should start making short topical videos. Far easier than debating the issue of tone and humour.

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