My philosophy for 2011, when it comes to my shopping will be 'buy less, buy better'. Coincidently this is perfect as I will no have much time to do any shopping during the next 5-6 months. I will be doing less H&M'ing and Zara'ing and will be more focused on finding interesting, beautiful and 'unique' pieces. I thought I would share with you a couple of the pieces I am currently eyeing and some of the new names I have recently discovered. I guarantee that most of these will not have your banker ringing you up and asking if have suddenly found a job or been recently promoted (well not all of the pieces anyway) Enjoy!

1. Silk navy blue blazer with glitter lining from the up and coming Belgian Brand Filles à Papa 2. Heimstone bag from Shop Je Ne Sais Quoi (while you are there check out the new Yvonne Yvonne Popey purse, a pure delight)   3. Love ring from Lush Jewelry - Jordan Askill heart ring from the New Guard - trio of ring from C. Larose available soon online or at Glorybox in Brussels   4. Fluffy jacket from Storets 5. Full Blooded Swatch watch in 'Champagne' colour  6. 11' Cambridge satchel in this gorgeous deep purple