Along with the very sought after the Alexa Mulberry and the Prouenza Schouler PS1 and now 11, came the revival of the satchel. Even though Mulberry and Prouenza Schouler both revamped and revived the satchel it was very refreshing to come across these original Cambrigde satchels, whom by the looks of it seem to be having a success of their own. Don't get me wrong the PS11 has my eyes rolling to the back of my head, then again so does the price. We seem to often forget that most of today's trends were inspired by yesterday's fashion, so why not go with the original once in a while, and save a penny while you are at it?

Source: Asos


Source: CarolinesMode

I am really loving both the 11' Green and purple (and now also the mustard) satchels (they come in four different sizes 11'- 13'- 14'- 15' and a variety of colours).  A certain selection is sold on Asos but you can also purchase them on the website.


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