1. Two new bags from VJStyle. I am fully aware that there is a strong ressemblance to the LV x Coppola bags. I stumbled unto this website thanks to this French blogger who mentioned this seller on several occasions and gave some pretty good reviews. I thought I would try them out myself, while waiting to be able to afford the actual dream bag itself. Which, quite frankly, I think is a very reasonable thing to do. Let's face it, I started this blog to share my affordable finds on the internet. Thus, unless someone is going to be über kind and buy me this bag, or I get promoted to some amazing job, it won't be just yet that I will be buying the real deal. A few words on the quality and customer service; so far so good, for the small amount I paid the quality is not bad at all, the customer service is fantastic, and they were delivered in five days.

2.Great statement necklace from Forever21.

3. Narciso Rodriguez Essence perfume c/o of the man :)

4. The perfect little card holder c/o Sal Y Limon and my latest cards c/o Cointreau and Oona

5. Yes to Carrots (no pun intended) lip tint and balm from Sephora

6. A plethora of wonderful wool and tweed jackets, coats and skirt c/o Mina Art (which is a wonderful Italian brand, do check it out! and you will be seeing their clothes very soon)

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