Three wardrobes ph/me


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram - or both - you will know by now that I am moving to London in the next couple of weeks. London as you might know is one expensive city to live in and so I am having to having huge panic attacks as you look around my apartment here in Brussels. The piles of shoe boxes, the racks of clothes, the coats and bags hanging behind each an every door and chair. Then there are the rows of books and beauty products ...

It is fairly obvious that is won't all fit in the place we have found in London, so this is where you come in. You can help me find new homes for my 'nearly new' clothes, that would be a great start. I have already donated 8 bags of clothes to Les Petits Riens in Brussels over the last months, however there is still much more that needs to go. If you haven't yet - and if you have already - check out Three Wardrobes. Candice, Cyrielle and I have loads of great clothes there.

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