14 items - 14 looks + you can win your favorite!

The gorgeous Caroline is offering to give you a new wardrobe, well not quite, but near enough. Chose your favorite combination out of all the 14 proposed looks and get a chance to win all the items in the chosen look. I travel a lot and am always between three wardrobes so this is not only confusing but very frustrating. The idea of having 14 (or maybe a bit more) essential items with only one pair of heels and one pair of flats is perfect, yet in my case a bit utopian. I would love to have one of theses looks as I think it might motivate me towards being a better packer and a lighter traveller. I think the bf would be grateful too, as he has been helping me carry my overweight bags for quite some time now and desperately needs a break!

Participate, in the chance of winning your favorite look, HERE, competition ends 22nd February!