After a long weekend spent in Paris, I am extremely happy to announce the big Björn Borg competition. I have been chosen as the Belgian ambassador and will be hosting the Björn Borg competition here in Belgium, alongside some amazing bloggers representing many other countries. The winner from Belgium will get his or hers swedish export picture featured on my blog & on the Björn Borg website, and will also win his/hers weight in Bjorn Borg underwear.


How to participate (rules):

Take a fun and crazy picture of yourself (and friends) wearing your Björn Borgs and upload your picture here: before Nov 28th. The people over at Björn Borg and myself will then pick the winning picture which will the be featured on both my website and theirs. Good luck to you all and have fun with it!

P.S: If you don't already own a pair of Björn Borgs then you can get yourself one Here.

P.S: Pictures of this weekend and of last weeks Fashion Show will be up on the blog these next few days, sorry about the delay it's hectic over here and I have so much work to do.