So as I said on Monday last week, I ended up helping backstage at a fashion show for young designers, where a friend of mine was modeling (the one that looks like a modern version of 'a quite content' princess Léa). It was a fun experience and a whole lot of chaos. As ever it was months of preparation for a show that was over in a mere 10 minutes. The Passion Fashion Show - 1st Edition, Nuevos Talentos gathered six young designers whom had the opportunity to present their creations; Juan Hernandez Daels, Paula Avellaneda, Carol Watts, Erika Corona, Amparo Santamaria Dacal, Laura Walser Boserman. I thought I would share with you some of the 'stolen' moments I could snap in between dressing models, sowing up ripped garments and looking for lost hats...

And Sunday was spent wondering round 'Art Brussels', contemporary art fair which was also a delight. Here are  just a few of the pics I took during the Art fair, I won't bore you with the rest.

Finally, Hypeed's latest editorial is up 'The Timeless Stylish trench coat' and is worth taking a look at, if not for some inspiring ideas then just for the gorgeous pictures. I was flattered to be featured once more in their editorial, so thank you again to the Hypeed team. If you feel inspired don't hesitate to participated in the current callings which are very much in trend right now!