Give us "The Skinny" on Forever21

Last thursday I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to some of people on the the Forever21 team, including one of the bloggers for The Skinny (which is Forever21's official blog and life page). It was a fantastic and very interesting two hours.

One thing is certain, Forever21 is slowly but very surely making it's way onto the European continent, and it definitely looks like it is here to stay. It all in Dublin and Birmingham, then onto London, Vienna, Barcelona, Belgium and Israel is next followed by China. Interestingly enough, both the style and the essence is the same as back in the states - fast fashion here we come, and we love it. Basically, if you find something you like in the stores or online get it! Once it's gone it will be gone for good. Something that bloggers, like myself, both like to hear and cringe about. It's the double edge sward of fashion; on the one hand there will not be thousands of people walking the streets or the blogs, for that matter, with the same items as yourself. On the other hand it makes share ones looks pretty difficult, as items will fly of the shelves. Then again this is the beauty of fashion; get it while its hot!

One thing for sure, is that Forever21 has embraced new media and social networking tools since their beginnings, and for them it's more than simply selling the product, it's also about communicating with the customer and understanding them. Something that was fairly obvious when you spend more than five minutes with the Forever21 team. They clearly are one "the forefront of fashion, but also on the forefront of so many other things"; the crazier and more innovative, the better!

Thank you to Marie from Oona for setting up this interview and thank you Forever21 for having me and answering your questions in all honesty :)

Address: Forever21 Antwerp - 44-46 De Meir - 2000 Antwerp