Last night was the Hermès party J'aime mon carré in Brussels. For those of you who follow me on twitter you probably know that I have just arrived in Bruges for my one year long Master which partly explains my lack of blogging as it has been a hectic and intense week since Monday morning. However, this didn't stop me from hopping on the train and attending the Hermès part, a perfect night in perspectif, that is until I discovered I had left my camera, well in Bruges of course. I had to make do with my little blackberry, I will share the snapshots this weekend. Here are a few of the 'official' photos (that might just be use for their next campaign, so I was told; quite a fun and youthful concept might I add) to get you started and I will do my best to collect pictures from the numerous bloggers that were present.  Hope everyone had a great week.


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