1. Brussels Louise Night 2. & 3. My zara outfit that I created for the event. I think I might have a thing for snakeskin print at the moment 4. Monsieur Devos's 'coup de coeur' at Francis Ferent 5. Lulu Fashion Coach's 'coup de coeur' at Francis Ferent 6. Another one of my 'coup de coeur from La Furla, this bag is just gorgeous and the colour was amazing 7. & 8. Nadia from Simple et Funky's 'coup de coeur' at Louise fifty four 9, 10. & 11. Louise fifty four was one of my discoveries of the night. The shop is like walking into your amazing aunt's closet which is full of Louboutin heels, Balenciaga bags, Chanel suits ... A must if you are ever in Brussels

On a non fashion related note, I have just graduates and go my Masters degree which I have to say I am really happy and very proud about! More pictures from Thursday night to come tomorrow.

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