Thank you all for sticking with me and the blog, I was glad to see some of you go back and read some of my older posts whilst I was away. I have to say, I am not yet use to blogging and being on holiday at the same time as I am one of those people that likes to be cut off from the real world at least two weeks a year. Those who follow me on twitter will know by now that I spent the last week in Cannes and St tropez. Just a quick post with a few snapshots from this past week.

my cutoffs

my new Zara sandals and Nouvelle vague nailpolish

love the Topshop print and my new turquoise bangles courtesy of Philippe Audibert.

my Faguo shoes

A warm thank you to the gorgeous Shomara for this lovely article she did on me. Do check out the other articles she wrote.

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