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2009 going on 2010! The countdown has begun and yet another year has gone by even though it feels like just yesterday we were doing the same things. 1) panicking, because we still haven’t found the right outfit for our NYE party 2) thinking about things that we won’t be doing next year and other NY resolutions 3) thinking about the things we said we weren’t going to be doing in 2009 but still did…

For me, 2009 was the year I discovered and in turn started following most of you. It was also the year, even thought it was right at the end, I started my own blog, started twitting, and brought more clothes than ever. This past year has given me the opportunity to uncover and understand a whole new fashionable world and community that lives online. All of the above, has made me want to improve my blog, post outfits of my own, and speak more about the blogger behind FashionCloud, i.e myself. So get ready for a new an improved blog in 2010!

For the last post of 2009, I decided to share with you all the looks and items that either made me run to the shops to buy something similar and raid my closet for some lost and found items or looks that simply inspired me.

Thank you to all my followers, hope you stick with me and have a great evening off-line. See you all in 2010!!