I have a very busy but exiting day. I was invited by the lovely people at swatch to come to their big event were they will presente their 2010 'swatch & art' collection. It will also be great to meet the person that contributed so generously to my big 100th post giveaway by donating a gold swatch watch. Can't wait especially as this is my first ever press release too.

Then I will attend the 'Getting Started Lecture' With Jill Adams and Jennifer Inglis at Sketchbook pop-up shop over at Carnarby street. I was thrilled to discover that due to their success their shop would stay upon another month. I can't wait for this "practical and engaging workshop on how to start a blog and build one up".

Also, to all you Britons don't forget to vote today!! (this might be a fashion blog but I am still a politics student first and foremost ;)).

I thought I would share with you some of my latest purchases; the grey suede wedges (the exact cop of the zara ones but I really love their colour) and my Black Book t-shirt (cheap and fast delivery, just in case you were wondering for both items).

//WEARING// T-shirt: Black Book Jeans: H&M Wedges: Ebay