Do something 'pink' for yourself and others

1. Isabel Marant x Association "Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en",  2. Black Current Elliott jeans foudn at Farfetch,  3. Zadig & Voltaire sequin Blazer,  4. Balenciaga red Pom Pon bag,  5. Adidasblack hi sleek sneakers,  6. Laura Jastram's woven chain bracelet. It's October - otherwise know as the breast cancer awareness month. So why not do something good, and fashionable in order to get people -especially women - more aware and more open about breast cancer . Swarovski has a lovely collection of items that promote awareness, and now Isabel Marant has joined the fashpack, and designed a tee that can be purshared for only 15€.  The best thing about the tee is that all the proceeds go to the french breast cancer awareness association. I am a strong believe that women should no be ashamed or hide behind their illnesses, as one woman's story could help another on so many different levels. The more you talk about it, the less tabou it becomes, and the more women can benefit from the knowledge of others. So help one another, and do something 'pink' this october.

Also, a huge thank you to UPR for my lovely Swarovski pink ribbon. If you have any other breast cancer association and ideas, please do share them.

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