I have been getting a lot of email about the Ottaman Hands's ring in my previous post and also regarding the Belgian brand 'Filles à papa'. I am currently answering all your questions but I thought it would be good to actually write few words about brands such as these that we come across and really want to share. As I have to say this is the precise reason why I started my blog nearly two years ago, I loved discovering online shops and new brands and sharing my finds. So I am extremely glad o hear and see that you are appreciating my finds and it is my pleasure to share these with you.

The shorts I am wearing are from QueensWardrobe, another one of these great WWW finds that I have shared with you already and will continue to do so. You should check out the stuff they have they really have so great stuff, and this is a perfect example of a brand that is ver blogger friendly which is great and somewhat inspiring.

//WEARING//shorts: courtesy of QueensWardrobe jumper: H&Mheels: Zarabag: Thomas Wyldecuff: courtesy of Philippe Audibert watch: Full blooded collection from Swatch


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