You would have though it was winter looking at my previous outfit post, but summer is here and it's great (appart from the very real fact that I am still in the midst of my exams). My pale little legs where exposed to UK sunlight for the first time in a very long time, and shortly after these pictures were taken together with a couple of nice walks and outings and I find myself burnt, oh so very very burnt. very few can accomplish what I did this weekend and it takes a real redhead to get so burnt under 17° of sun. So any way I have some colour now, hat is the upside to it all :)

And for some details, I actually really like this watch which was gifter to me by the bf some time last year. It is a limited edition that Nixon made for Colette (paris) and I was immediately draw to this as the three colours brought back so many memories of my childhood, I think it has to do with my, then, obsession with lego.

//WEARING// Jumper with visible zipper: H&M Skirt: AA flats: Zara (two years old) Belt: Vintage (Paris) Watch: Nixon x Colette