They should have been in our closets since, well forever really. But lets face, we didn’t really think we would be needing a pair or sky high boots any time soon. Pretty woman made them look hot in 1990, Kate Moss made them fashionable in 2000, and the fashion gurus of the web have now made them look, well simply wearable (with some exceptions, but they are not the ones to care).

If you have the legs and don’t mind the London chill then grin and bare it like Gala for a comfy yet still very cute look.

Stella, simply puts a smile on my face. Since, Hannah MacGibbon graced us at the end of her show with a pair of denim short, a grey t-shirt and OTK black suede boots I have worn mine out bare legged and with shorts. But warm weather does no call for boots and rain calls for trousers or at least a good pair of tights, but at the end of the day who cares if ou just want to show of your new sued boots.

This french fashionista, is a nice example that fashion does not always have to rhyme with unwearable. Like her fellow bloggers, she is no doubt up to date with all the current trends, but she always makes the trends look timeless, her outfits do not look loke they will go out of style the next day. Youthful french chic at its best.

In the near future I will be dedicating a post to these fashion forward girls from Sweden. In the meantime, here is a nice way to wear you OTK boots that can be taken from day to night.