It looks like, we can now step out of the house, without having to spend the day in killer hells. Fashion bloggers all over are been photographing themselves wearing what look like very comfy footwear.

Low cowboy boots in the style of Kling and Angie.

leather lace up’s in the style of these two Spanish students who pair their combat style boots with pretty summer dresses.

What not try the ankle buckle boot in the style of the “ohh so wanted by all chloé boots”, like these three girls.

source: style scrapbook, golestaneh, and angie’s blog.

If you have nice boots, the new rule is to roll up those trousers ladies and show them off. However, if you want to change things up and not do what everyone else is doing then why don’t you leave your jeans do the talking. Pair your boots with a pair of jeans or trousers with zippers on the end, like Kenza.