It seems like the tutu has left the dance studios and catwalks to hit the streets. Now, I am not sure how comfortable I would be waiting for the bus in a tutu. This been said some of the following girls have really pulled it off.

Sources: glitterati and LeBlogdeBetty

Sources: cupcaketrash and Stellawantstodie (Both wearing the pink tutu from H&M)

If you are not too sure about the “girly” look, here are a few alternatives that I really like. Either pair your textured pink/white skirt with a pair of combat ankle boots like Karla, or go for a black or blue tulle skirt like Camille. (who said tulle had to be pink?)

Sources: karla’sCloset and Camille

Let’s talk feathers. Topshop, Zara and Asos have all come up with some nice and playful looking feather skirts. Most have adopted the look in back, but I must admit that topshop’s skirt in a grey/purple colour is pretty cute (seen here on Betty).

Sources: LeBlogdeBetty, Alma Luna, and Meagan from

Finally, we have the fringed skirt. We discovered them over the summer but they are still being worn with jumpers and tights. Not one of my favorite types of skirts, but I actually like the way this french girl wears hers.

Source: Estelleblogmode

Have a great day!