Sources: AngelineMelin illustrations and NizzaGirl

With so many girls wearing either skinny jeans or leggings when it comes to trousers, it’s pretty refreshing to see some girls in cargo pants. More often than not, these are paired with shirts and/or blazer for that instant pretty look. Love them with chunky heels, ballerina pumps or richelieu lace ups.This is the perfect opportunity to talk to you about Angeline. She is a well know (in France anyway) french fashionholic with, not only an addiction to fashion, but also an amazing gift. Unlike most fashion bloggers she doesnt take pictures of herself or post pictures of others wearing the latest fashion craves, she illustrates them, and does an amazing job at it. It’s cute and quirky and if you don’t know her, then you should definitely check out her website or do one better grap yourself a copy of her book.

Sources: BartabacMode, BehindtheSeams and, Hanneli